Things are taking off

Starting a new business is always a roller coaster. Ups and downs and upside downs. I keep thinking I know all I need to know, but things change like the seasons and every business is different than the one before.

I have lost count of how many variations I’ve had of my businesses. Clothing design, lingerie design, selling online, owning a store, running a showroom, writing books and starting a publishing business… to name a few.

This most recent incarnation of my business has gotten extremely exciting. The fashion design classes have been booked for 4 weeks. Not a full enrollment, but a steady stream of students. We actually have 3 classes booked for this week.

The store is still on the slow side, but the online sales have been steady and we launched our Amazon store last month. Both which are keeping the store running.

I am just really excited that my classes are being received well. That is all.

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