The Store is Finally Open

Over a month after my original open date, the store is finally open for business. Doing things with a newborn proved more challenging than I had anticipated. At least at this point she is starting to entertain herself with toys and taking 2 hour naps at least twice a day.

I’m happy with how the store looks, but it is still lacking in a rounded selection of fabrics and supplies. The back room has been the evil step child of the shop. It’s been the last thing on my mind.

We have built 4 beautiful 4×8 cutting tables on wheels and will begin the custom sewing machine tables next. I am refurbishing a dozen old sewing machines for use in the shop and I might even offer refurbishing old machines as a service of ours. My husband can make custom tables. Maybe we will do one for sale and see if anyone is interested.

I’m hoping to have the back room ready for classes around the first week of May. I want to have a grand opening party and also want to have an artist featured in the shop for May and June.

So many wants. I also want to sell enough and book enough classes to keep my doors open. I know, tall orders. All I would need to do is book 3-4 classes a month and the bills are paid for. Here’s crossing my fingers.

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