The Official Launch of the Christina Sports Bra

It is official. The Christina Sports Bra is finalized, updated and officially available. I made a few minor changes this past week after sewing up several samples in various sizes. They were minor changes affecting only the waistband and the printing.

Here is a little show and tell of last week’s samples.

My most recent sample, and also the subject of my main video, was completed out of scuba fabric. It is by far the best supporting sports bra I own that actually fits me. I should be able to do anything my personal trainer asks of me.

What is Scuba Fabric
To explain scuba fabric, is to understand it is not actually fabric used for scuba. Its not even for swim wear. Not sure where it got its name, but I assume it was someone trying to reinvent the wheel. To describe it bluntly, it is virtually the same fabric I remember all my grandmother’s clothes being made out of.

It is a double knitted polyester fabric that is restricted in stretch. I think there is about 2-4% Lycra in it. It is relatively low priced, although with the new trend of using it in athletic wear, I foresee the price shooting up. For those who have really inexpensive thrift stores nearby, I can see re-purposing old granny pants into some sports bras.

Its Video Time!

After my husband watched a few videos I had previously made, he decided to intervene and help me out. He used to be a cinematographer back in LA, so it only seems natural that he’d help me. Not sure why it took him a year and a half to jump in. He is now directing my videos and editing. I still have a few videos I had previously filmed, but he will be doing the editing and we may have to re-shoot some of the footage.

We are hoping this is a slightly more professional look to my YouTube content.

The Kits are Coming! The Kits are Coming!

I have a variety of fabrics I bought to make kits for this pattern. I’m primarily waiting on my powermesh so I can make them live. The mesh will arrive in about 3-4 weeks, so as soon as they are available, I will make the blog announcement. Make sure to subscribe to the blog to find out first. I only bought about 5 yards of each fabric, so I can only realistically get about 10 kits out of each fabric. That makes them exclusive and in short supply.

  1. I already made your sports bra pattern, the Christina, and I love it! ok, so I'm a fan of your california dreaming bra pattern too, ok, so I guess I'm a groupie…LOL. I didn't even have the right elastic and just used powernet and it still looks and feels like such a good fitting bra. Can't wait to see your kits! there is so much "cross use" of the word powermesh, will this be like a firmer stretch material? or more of a mesh for smaller cup sizes? I have no doubt the kits will be appropriate for whatever size range their are for 🙂 all very exciting

  2. The powermesh is on the firmer side, 120 gsm. I played around other weights, but nothing worked quite as well. The word powermesh is used quite inappropriately most of the time. What I had always considered just lightweight mesh is now called powermesh. It is very much not the same thing.

    I'm putting the kits together to photograph on Wednesday after our mini Disney vacation. I have 4 or 5 different kits comiing in limited quantities.

  3. I'm thrilled with the Christina sports bra pattern! the elastic from was perfect for the pattern. The unique wrap of the underbust band was perfect for comfort, shaping and bust support. The wide, racer-back style, covered shoulder straps were so comfortable. For my first version I used double layers of swimwear fabric. Normally racer-back styles hurt my neck and shoulders – not this one – hurray! I'm really happy with size range, PDF availability and value of the pattern. I have two more in progress, which were started immediately – one for me and one for my sister, who is suffering with advanced stage lung cancer. She can't tolerate pressure on chest or back, and this will be soooo perfect for her. I have plans for some in scuba, in lace (for bralette) and more. Thanks, Jennifer, for such a great pattern that fits range from small bust up to those much larger, I'm very happy to find this style to fit me, 38J! I can wear it all day (and night) without any points of pain or stress. Can't wait to see your kits!

  4. I'm so glad this pattern works for you. I didn't start this design with a wrap/cross over band, but after testing straight bands with discomfort, I accidentally/on purpose made the wrap front. I personally never want a straight band again.

  5. I got the right elastic at minimum now, thanks for sending out my order so fast! Also, thanks for the confirmation about the verbiage 🙂 I have no doubt the kits will be nice and can't wait to see them! Its always good to have the guess work taken out and be able to get a kit.

  6. Thanks for making a plus size sports bra pattern for us bigger chested girls! I've had a hard time finding any. I'm glad to see this goes up to a K cup. It's certainly needed in the plus size and bigger boob community! I'm glad this is out there.

  7. I have made 2 of the Christina sports bras now the first with swim fabric and the second with a lovely floral scuba . I haven't ever had cute sports bras because I am a very large cup . Love that you made so many sizes . Also I find the scuba one so supportive now I need to start exercising lol

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