The First Laurel Sports Bra Prototype is Complete

I was able to complete the Laurel Sports Bra prototype this weekend while my daughter sewed her first project – a pillow for her bear.

I played around with a few new construction techniques for the sports bra – the main being a clean finished waistband on the inside. The last sports bra I made itched like crazy at the band. I assume it was because I had to sew over the waistband twice and the threads bothered me. After I washed it, it didn’t bother me, but it got me thinking that a clean finished waistband would be beneficial.

With clean finishing the waistband, I had forgotten to clean finish the keyhole in the back prior to sewing the waistband on. I still need to hash out how to complete the keyhole/waistband.

I had to seam rip a little bit in the back, but it wasn’t ideal.

I made a fun criss cross alteration to the waistband which worked out pretty well, although I will need to alter the pattern so the lower waistband part isn’t so tight.

I also made the straps adjustable with my new 35mm black bra sliders, but I was trying to utilize all my scraps and cut the strap out on the wrong grain and it sure made a difference. It might be too thick to have covered straps, but I’ll have to test the strap when cut and sewn correctly.

I also added a hook and eye closure, but I cut off about 3/8″ on both sides and I really shouldn’t have.

I haven’t had a chance to try it on yet to test the fit, but I’m nursing a headache today and don’t feel like putting on a bra.

My daughter also had a very successful day. She sewed the hearts on to the pillow, then sewed the pillow. It still needs stuffing, but we don’t have any. She wasn’t done either, she also made a little purse completely on her own and I am very proud. She is inspired and wants to add pockets to everything.

All in all, both mom and daughter had a productive day sewing. Our plan was to sew the kid’s sized Rachel Tank as a swim top for her today, but this headache is keeping me couch bound.

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