Tankini Add On

The Tankini Add On is a supplementary pattern for our sports bra patterns. The pattern contains matching princess seams to the sports bras and has a hidden pocket on both hips.

File Types
All files are zipped PDF files (Adobe 6). We have discovered that individuals running Windows Vista or older may not have a reader that is compatible with this file format. Upon request, we can save as an older version of Adobe 4 or 5. The layer function does not work in older versions of Adobe. 

File Sizes
Three to four paper sizes are included with each pattern size: Letter size, A4, A1 (23″x33″) and A0 (33″x33″).

Printed Pattern Options
Printed pattern and directions are now more accessible. Directions are printed in color, but the patterns are in black & white. For larger wholesale purchases, you can select the wholesale option which include 5 patterns for the specified size set. This is ideal if you are teaching workshops or have a small store and wish to stock our patterns.

License and Use Agreement of this Pattern
We are now offering several different licensing options for our patterns. If you are a small business and do custom sewing, you can now use our small business licensed version and use this pattern up to 1000 times. If you are a mid-sized business and would like to use our design between 1001 and 5000 times, we have a version for that as well. With this license you can request additional file types including editable Illustrator file types. If you are a corporation and plan to use this design for over 5000 pieces, you will need to purchase the corporate license. You may request additional file types after purchase. Please contact us directly for these other license types.


Our directions are fairly well detailed and were updated after our videos were produced. The videos are linked below, but follow the written directions for full details.