Still doing prep work

Thank you everyone for sending me your measurements. I have been swamped with work this week. I got my first production account and am operating without any employees currently. I really need to hire someone again. LIKE YESTERDAY!

I finished the grading of my 3 piece cup, so this weekend I will send each of you that sent me messages 2-3 cup patterns to test. I know some of those measurements are strange, but I’m experimenting with measurements. I know they aren’t measurements you would normally take, hence the experimentation.

I’m thinking that with the new book and directions I’ll have illustrations of what you might look like in your bra, which can tell me if you are wearing the wrong band, cup size or both. Like I said, its all an experiment.

I have also been hesitant to write too much on this blog, because I’m trying to add a blog within my website with wordpress. My site is built with ZenCart, which is awesome for all the inventory stuff, but the wordpress integration is just time consuming (meaning I can’t get my husband to take time to help me implement it). He has made a bunch of changes to ZenCart to customize it for me, so just copying and pasting the code won’t work.

Ahh. Anyway, there are a few more days to send me measurements. Remember, if you don’t understand them all, do what you can and I’ll decipher it.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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