Emily Is Almost Here

There is so much that I am preparing for: the arrival of our daughter Emily, the online classes I hope to begin launching before the arrival of our daughter Emily, and the lingerie design school and fabric shop I will be opening early next year.

First thing is first. The arrival of our daughter Emily.

The nursery is mostly completed except for the dressers to put all her stuff in. I’m using the old bedroom set I grew up with and trying to refinish them to match her crib, changing table and glider. I say the words “I’m trying to refinish,” very loosely. David has had to take over the refinishing because of the fumes and my energy level.

I swear, I am going to do something awesome for that husband of mine someday. Other than that, I think I’m prepared, or as prepared as I’m going to be. There are still a few things on our registry I should purchase before we bring her home, but I’m not too worried about that. The mothers (mine and David’s) plan on being here right after she is born, so I’m sure they can help us figure out what we are missing.

Secondly, the first online class is being built.

I’ve been in front of the camera before so I don’t know why I’m getting so nervous about being filmed. I filmed most of the tutorials already, which are focused on the machine, my hands and the sample itself. I will have to do a voice over for those, but I’m not on camera for those and can read from a script. The hardest part is the personalized teaching I’ll be doing in front of the camera.

I’ve thought about just writing the text in the lesson, but we all know its sometimes easier to listen to someone than read. So, I’ll be including both in the class- to accommodate the readers and the watchers. I gave myself the goal to have class 1 complete by October 31st.

Lastly is preparing for the school and store.

The classes are already outlined and just need a little refining which I’ll handle in the new year. Its the prep for the supplies I’ve been working on that seems to never end. I’ve been slowly buying display fixtures, sewing machines and other supplies. I currently have 7 of the 10 machines I need, although they all need servicing to work in tip top shape.

I’ve also been investing in fabrics and more trims, although the trims are selling just as fast as I’m buying them.  I’ve decided that I want to offer corset supplies in the shop since the Ren Fair is such a big deal here in the Inland Empire. Now that is a whole other expense I wasn’t anticipating on including, but I’m figuring it out.

I’ve decided to launch a crowd funding campaign to help raise the money for the rent and security deposit and miscellaneous things I still haven’t figured I need yet. I plan on launching that as soon as my first class is available online. I’ll be offering gift certificates and other goodies, so stay tuned.

So much to do and so little energy to do it in. Miss Emily is due in about 5 weeks. My last day at work is Wednesday, so that means I need to get cracking on my preparations for everything.

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