Snow storm coming

We have a large snow storm heading our way this weekend. We may get 3 feet of snow where we are. Its crazy because I work down the hill in 80 degree weather. California- gotta love ya!

My big project of the bra book is over and now I’m a little stuck because I’ve been placing all my focus on it for the last 6 months. I can now work on my house and do some designing for myself and maybe by business. I feel a little guilty not jumping right into my next book project, but I am seriously lacking in clothing and I’ve been splurging in fabric quite a bit lately.

Not much to report today. I may head down the mountain to stock up on rations for the weekend. My father in law and brother in law will be here, so that’s two more hungry men or the equivalent of 4 extra mouths to feed. LOL.

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