Rachel Tank Pattern Hack: Turn it into a Dress and Make Fit Adjustments

I love to make things multi-purpose. For example, my family uses the dining room table as a place to collect all the crap in the house and my daughter uses my laundry drier to store all her clean clothes. What I love more than my family’s knack for never putting anything away is things that serve a multi-purpose that is useful.

That is why I created the pattern hack for my Rachel Tank and the Little Rachel Tank. I love dresses and live in them when I’m not living in my sweats. I also love it when my daughter wants to make things that match things I make.

Welcome to my little video for making the tank into a dress. I also did a short spot near the end of the video on how to alter the tank for fit before adding your elastics.

I have some of the purple fabric available if you want to make one for yourself. In my video, I offer to send a strip of the contrast fabrics I used free of charge with the purchase of the fabric, but you need to make a note at checkout that you want the contrast fabric. No note = no contrast fabric.

About a month ago, I made the Rachels and Little Rachels available in printed format. I have a large format printer that is 24″ wide, but the printer is only black ink. You can now select to have the printed pattern with the download. I will eventually be making this feature available for all patterns, but at this point, it is just the Rachels.

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