Prenatal Insomnia

I never thought I’d be suffering from insomnia. This is yet another side effect of pregnancy that I hate. I have about 7 weeks left and I wake up in the middle of the night with some weird thought in my head and can’t get it out. A couple days ago it was Ayn Rand, and that was all it was. The name Ayn Rand. Got it stuck in my head and couldn’t fall back to sleep because it kept echoing in my heard.

This morning it is the echoing of the “No on 37” ad I saw last night by a doctor recommending we shouldn’t know what is in our food. I think it made me mad, I really think this is an important measure that needs to be voted Yes on. I have this urge to strangle the doctor in the ad and report her to some medical board. Yea, slightly irrational thoughts, but that’s insomnia and pregnancy for you.

I’m getting more and more nervous about having my baby and trying to contribute to supporting the family by opening my own store/school. Thank God my husband is fully supportive and the most wonderful man I’ve ever known. I could not be doing this without him.

I’m off to check Facebook and hopefully get tired enough to fall back to sleep, if not, well, I wanted to start writing a small book on how to write and self publish a non fiction book.

  1. Part 2-

    Another night of waking up and this time I have no reason really. Or maybe I do. I'm a little nervous that my hospital is 1 hour away from my home. I have this fear I won't make it to the hospital in time and we will have a car birth.

    I'm going to look into a birthing center that is about 20 minutes away as a very viable option. Only drawback- if I want drugs, I can't have them.

    Oh well, I will try to go back to sleep now and hope that 3am apple doesn't upset my stomach.

  2. Part 1034

    And the sleepless nights continue. The countdown ensues. 14 days and counting. It is currently the night before Thanksgiving and I can't sleep for a few reasons. First, this awful indigestion and second, my father in law is sawing logs in the guest room. I keep getting up to close the door, but he's not sleeping much either, so he keeps getting up and opening the door, causing an endless cycle of me not sleeping because of the snoring.

    At least its not much longer now. I keep saying I'm looking forward to sleeping once this baby comes, although I know that's not realistic. What I should be saying is I'm looking forward to sleeping without indigestion and these damn hot flashes.

    I am so grateful that my husband isn't a snorer. His brother snores louder than anyone I've ever heard and his father is close behind.

    I will be preparing Thanksgiving in a few hours. I informed the family that will be here that we will be grazing all day. My stomach is squeezed for space right now, so I can't eat much, but I want to participate in eating all that Thanksgiving has to offer. If I'm lucky, I'll go into labor within the next few hours, the family will cook dinner and bring me a nice meal in the hospital. Wishful thinking.

    Ok. Its now time for me to get up and close my father in law's bedroom door again. I wonder how many times this will go on tonight.

  3. I figured I'm in my last few days of pregnancy and can't sleep, so why not post another comment to my own insomnia post.

    I am due in 2 days and am getting really anxious. I've had a couple days where I felt like I was progressing into labor, but the symptoms subsided before I got there.

    I keep switching from sheer terror to sheer excitement when I think about giving birth. We watched the Business of Being Born, which both calmed me and made me more nervous.

    I am really excited to meet my Emily and find out what she is like and meet her personality. Its awe inducing to think that me and David created a human that will become her own person and have a mind of her own.

    I think what I'm most excited about is being able to do all the fun stuff you feel like you can't do as an adult. Such as playing with Legos, making crafts and silly art, and going to the zoo and making faces at the animals.

    The cats have been in crazy mode. One minute they won't leave me along and follow me around like they are protecting me, and the next they want to have nothing to do with me.

    I just hope Brian doesn't use the crib as a litter box.

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