I Want a Store Again

Over the past few years, I have missed having a retail shop where I can socialize with my clients and people in general. I loved running a store, but I know that running a store as I did before wasn’t going to happen.

I’ve decided that since I’m already selling sewing and lingerie supplies online, maybe I can expand to open up a store that carried 10 times the selection. Not only would I open up shop for the public, but I would also start teaching lingerie classes from the educational standpoint as opposed to the entertainment standpoint.

I’m busy planning the classes, everything from learning lingerie sewing basics, to making personalized lingerie items, to even teaching entrepreneurship in conjunction with the design industry.

I would eventually teach professional draping and pattern drafting classes, but I probably won’t start with those unless I get a huge response. I’m tossing around the idea that the classes would be around $25 an hour- having 2-4 hour classes and maxing the students at 8 with a minimum of 4 students.

I have no intention on trying to turn the “school” into an accredited institution, it will be more of a technical and practical learning facility. The current plans are to make each class stand alone with only a few being required before taking others.

I am even planning on designing the weekends where I’d have 2 to 3 classes on a day that someone could come and do a crash course and take them all in a day.

Maybe my ambitions are high, but with my baby on the way I want to do great things that will allow me to be around her more often.

I know many of you have interests in taking lingerie classes, but would you travel for a 2-3 day intensive lingerie crash course? Just curious.

Oh- and one other thing. I know there will be individuals who really want to take classes, but income levels may not allow it. I plan to take a small portion of each class’s proceeds go towards scholarships for those who can’t afford it.

What do you think? And the expected launch for this is March 2013.

  1. In answer to your question, I probably wouldn't be able to travel (I live in Missouri) altho I would love to – but I would most likely take any online classes you formed. I just bought your two books (underwear and bras), and just now found your blog!

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