Pattern Drafting Book Review Series – Part 6 – Pattern Making by the Flat-Pattern Method by Hollen & Kundel

You probably never realized how many pattern making books there were. This is the 6th book in my pattern drafting book review series. This is an old book, just look at the cover image. The copyright is 1993. This book is called Pattern Making by the Flat-Pattern Method by Norma Hollen and Carolyn Kundel.

By the looks of this book, you might wonder if this is a computer pattern drafting book, but no, it is not. The cover photo is very misleading. This is a very good beginner pattern drafting book. I would compare this to Helen Armstrong’s book. The font is outdated and small, but very informative.

This book covers a lot more pattern manipulation than the Armstrong book does, but it does not cover drafting by measurements (with the exception of pants). There are both 1/2 scale slopers and 1/4 scale slopers for manipulation.

If you can get your hands on this (most of the used books are listed at $200+), it is worth it (but not at $200). After the explanations in the chapters, they include a page of designs for you to practice. I love this feature. No one else does this.

What I love about this book: I love that it is spiral and you can lay it flat. I wish Amazon allowed print on demand books to be spiral, because I would totally take this route for my pattern books. They don’t because it goes back to the store shelf display option. Print on demand books can be sold to bookstores, and bookstores can’t properly display a spiral bound book.

Perhaps it would be smart to take all my reference books that are bound and have them put into spiral binding. I like this idea. It only costs about $5 at Office Depot to spiral bind a book. They will even cut the spine off for you.

Okay, back to the loves. I love the examples to practice. They even have some sewing tips. I love the multitude of options included in this book.

What I dislike: The same as all the other books really, I really dislike the instructions grouped by letters and numbers. This one isn’t too bad, but it doesn’t show all the steps to do something, just writes it. The font is small and totally an 80s font, so are the illustrations. I also dislike that you can’t buy this used for $20.

This book is out of print. I found it on Amazon for $200-$500. Pattern Making by the Flat-Pattern Method. Sometimes there are used versions out there, you can try with this link. Note that this is an affiliate link.

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