Pattern Drafting Book Review Series – Part 4 – Pattern-Drafting for Fashion Advanced by Teresa Gilewska

This is the 4th book in review for my pattern making book review series. I would have written about the Basics book of this title prior to this review, but I can’t find it anywhere. I think I loaned it to an employee or a student. It was at my store, so I’m more inclined to say I loaned it to an employee. If I ever get my hands on a copy, I will review it. I have made a Wishlist of the books I’d like to get if anyone is feeling generous.

This book is very colorful and pretty to look at, but in my honest opinion, most of the color is too much. I like that the sections are separated by color, but the colors are so bright, it is slighting blinding and distracting from the material in the book.

The first section is on jackets. It covers everything from drafting the sleeve of a jacket to drafting a lining. The second section is all on Kimonos, followed by Raglans and Trousers. There are draft by measure directions for pants, but not for the bodice and torso. I think those were in the basics book, but I can’t recall. I have so many books that remembering the specifics of each are difficult.

What I love: The visuals are great on the drafting instructions. The colors for variations and steps are helpful. The book appears very thorough in the topics it covers, but to be honest, I have never referred to this book. I think it is pretty to look at, which is why I think it survived the book shelf cut. If I ever get heavy into drafting jackets or cold weather clothing I will definitely be referring to this book, but most of what is covered doesn’t peak my interests currently.

What I dislike: There is too much color running down the sides of the pages. I can’t focus on the information. The text seems kind of small for the amount of white space in the book. This book also utilizes the letter/number instruction steps that I’m not a fan of. I just find it difficult to focus on the measurements at hand. Measurements are also in metric. Some imperial measurements are listed randomly, but I would have to write in the book for reference so I don’t make a stupid mistake.  Although I’m not so sure writing is possible due to the type of paper it is printed on.

This book is not readily available on Amazon. I think I saw it listed for something like $400-$1000. If anyone is interested, comment below and I can offer a giveaway of my copy of this book. Although, as it goes, as soon as I get rid of something I generally need it again. I will consider it if I get a lot of comments.

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