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Jackie Sports Bra For Beginners

Anticipated Pattern Release Date: Sunday November 21st 2021 I decided to create the Jackie Sports Bra pattern as a solution to a problem many of my customers often complain about - getting into a sports bra or getting out of a sports bra. Enter Jackie. Jackie was designed for a front zipper closure with either a hook and eye or...
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What is Wire Spring?

It has been a long 8 months since my last post. I can't even begin to explain why I haven't written more often, it has been a busy year. More on that on another day.... What is wire spring and why does the mention of it start a war between pattern makers, experts and sewers? Wire spring refers to an...
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Ariel Bra Cup as a Bikini Top

I have a love/hate relationship with swim spandex. I mainly love hating it. I think because it is so stretchy that I dislike it so much. I love stable fabrics that do what I want them to do. Despite my dislike of swim spandex, I do love the color combination of this set. I altered the pattern for a floating...
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Custom Bra Making Using the Bare Essentials Method

The talented Jennie McKern from Annie and Myras has worked out how to customize a bra cup for custom bra making by interpreting the drafting method of Bare Essentials. She did some video clips and I compiled it into a video for my YouTube channel. Below is her own write up about her methodology. I had the pleasure of working...
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Bra Grading Course Official Release

Have you ever wanted to learn how to grade a bra pattern? Well now you can do it with ease with our video grading course. I follow the instructions in the book with some modifications since it is easier to explain some things with spoken words rather than written words. This course is complementary to the Bare Essentials Bra Drafting...
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Pattern Release: Ariel Bra Cup

I know it has been a while since I've released a truly creative pattern, as I have been mainly focusing on the pattern making and understanding how to really customize a pattern to fit. The Ariel Bra Cup is my creative outlet. While this started as a pattern making project, I truly have found the construction options for this bra...
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How to Make a Plaster Cast of your Breast Root

Slight nudity warning! Guest Blog Post By: Anne Bertha I’ve been making bras now for two years. Very soon in that process, people told me that the first thing you should do is search for a wire that fits you. Well, that proved to be very difficult. By now I have a whole range of different sizes and styles of...
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Anne’s Alternative Tests on Getting the Right Wire Trace

Guest Author Post By: Anne Bertha While some people find their wire shape and size easily, it can prove to be a real challenge for others. There are some other ways you can make this process easier. All the methods have one idea in common: to make a mould of your ribcage so you can decide which wires are the...
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The Ivy Bra Cup Overlay Pattern Release

This pattern has been a labor of love. I have had to go back to this pattern about 4 times, each time approaching the grade differently. But I am confident that these cups work well now. I have created 4 different torso shapes each in 36 different sizes. One download gets you everything. I have only been able to verify...
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Chlorine Test for Swimwear

I recently received a batch of new swim hardware and I wanted to test it's durability before being able to properly sell it. Here is a link to my swim hardware. I know that the gold and silver plated hardware I have been selling is appropriate for swim and was very durable for that purpose. The new swim hardware I...
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Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have so many things I am working on and I wanted to make it a better reading experience for you. I have kept this blog up now for 6 years. It has gone from Wordpress to Blogger and now back to Wordpress. Hopefully this is to stay.

I am over ambitious at times, but my goal is to keep you updated with what my latest projects are through my blog. I occasionally post things up on Facebook and Instagram, but frankly I am way too busy to be on those things. Make sure to subscribe to my blog, which actually reminds me that I need to double check that works.


I made a few more changes and I'm very happy with my new draft, but give it some time and
I sometimes think I am nuts by the level of perfection I can require of myself. When I wrote the
I can't tell you how many samples I made of the bras as I was developing the book. I had
It really is amazing how much I can accomplish when I actually have a list and print it out. Keeping
I actually found a little time today to do some drafting. I really get things done when I follow my
I know my next post was supposed to be the bra modification for making a 3 piece cup, but I
I have been working all week with a designer developing a lingerie collection. We made several samples of bras to
Howdy friends. Its been a while since I've blogged. I'm hoping to pick it back up again more regularly. I
I feel like all my updates on Facebook and Twitter these days are all Emily related. I've become one of
Over a month after my original open date, the store is finally open for business. Doing things with a newborn