Organizing a disorganized state of being

That title doesn’t mean a whole lot, except that I am finally trying to get the store really organized. I could be organizing for the rest of my life and it would never be to my liking. There will always be something out of place and without a place to go.

Right now I’m focusing on my office and getting that organized. Unfortunately when I “clean” an area, half the stuff migrates to another space. Then I need to clean that space, that random box of stuff either goes back to the original space or into another box hidden from view.

It becomes a circle, never finding an end to the cycle.

Today the circle gets a detour. I plan to get a filing cabinet to store all those random papers just sitting in piles around the store on tables, behind boxes and in binders.

Maybe I’ll even tackle that box of random trims that just keeps growing.

But this is all leading up to my major goal of getting back to work on the pattern drafting book, completely unrelated to organizing.

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