Release of Pattern Design: Fundamentals

It is done and live everywhere! Pattern Design: Fundamentals is here!

It has been a labor of love and I have finally given birth to my book, 5 years in the making. I feel like I can take a deep breath now, you know, before I start the next book in this series.

But before I can do that, I have many other projects to finish, including a fashion illustration book I’ve been working on with a colleague from California. It is in its editing stage right now, but I’ll post about that project separately. I also have plans to release a new sports bra and re-release the California Dreaming bra with some tweaks and adjustments.

In the meantime, let me revel in my current COMPLETED PROJECT, Pattern Design: Fundamentals. I formatted the book for eReaders and made the book available in a variety of formats, to accommodate a variety of learning styles and price points. I believe I also set the kindle to be free (only on, not international sites) if you buy the black & white book on Amazon (if I set it up right – make sure to tell me if it doesn’t do that).

Kindle and All eReaders: $9.95
PDF Download: 19.95
Paperback B&W Interior images: 29.95
Spiral Bound Color Interior images: 49.95

I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor. I developed this book in conjunction with a few courses I created when I had my nonprofit design school. I also created half-scale slopers and half-scale curved rulers for use with the course/book. These forms are the same specs as the book (with the exception of the sleeve – I goofed on the specs for the plastic one).

I know that not everyone is a book learner so if you enjoy hand holding while learning to draft, I will be offering this book in an online course format soon. If you ever wonder when I sleep, that’s a good question. Sometimes I wonder too.

I am working on building the coursework for learning through online classes. I plan to release my first classes sometime in November, but I have a few other things I need to complete prior to that, so in actuality, it may not happen until the end of the year. Subscribe to this blog to be updated on all future projects.

Until my next update, I think I need some minions…….

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