Not wanting to do my work

I’m sure you can all relate. I’m almost done with a project, but I just don’t want to work anymore on it, but I want it done. So, what do I do? I do random searches on Google and Etsy. Yeah. Not buying anything, just don’t want to work.

I am sitting here, on my computer, working on what may be my final edit of my drafting book and I just don’t want to do it. I am having to redo two of the exercises in the book with new illustrations and I am making excuses not to do it. I know I will finish this full edit today if I can just plow through it. Instead, I check Facebook and Instagram. Oh wait, now its lunch time. I’ll do it after lunch.

AGGGGGGG! Ok. I will stop procrastinating and get back to editing. I’ll finish this post when I’m done.

Update: 2 hours later and I finished those two exercises. It was terribly time consuming, but its done. Now I’m just taking a break after a snack. I’m on page 103 of 187 and the rest of the changes are small. So here I go again- back to the grind.

Update: 1 hour later and I’m up to page 167. I only have 20 pages to go, but the next chapter has some major changes I forgot about. I’m not so concerned about this chapter though. I’m only adding a few steps here and not completely redoing the illustrations. I’m done for the day. My daughter is home from camp so I’ll pick up again tomorrow.

Update: I finished up the full book of changes. Yay!

I’m not sure I really mentioned what I am working on, but maybe I have. I’m having a brain fart. I’ve been working on an introductory pattern drafting book since I opened my store in Redlands 5 years ago. It was a long process, but it is almost completely done. I am sending it off to my mentor, Dawn Marie, to review and fact check. I believe she is going to be writing me an amazing Foreword for the book. Here are a few pics and a sneak preview of the book.

While she is reviewing it, I will see if I can get it set up on Amazon for pre-sales. Either way, I plan to announce it onces its available.

On my ever growing project list is also a fashion illustration book I’ve been working on with one of my teachers from Redlands. I’ll post some pictures soon as it too is almost done! I will be working on the final layout changes next week. I’m really excited about this book as well.

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