New Blog, New Courses, New…

I have been working on this redesign since September. It is amazing how long it actually takes me to implement changes when it is just me. I used to think that my employees slowed me down, but perhaps they made me more efficient with my time.

With no employees, I now do it all. I am still one website away from my full redesign, but two sites are done.

Ok, so I did say two sites. If you notice on the navigation bar at the top, I have a link for online classes. This is new. I presently only have two online classes done. One for the demo of PolyPattern and one for the full training of PolyPattern. That course took me a couple months to get together, but now I have a lot more support for the software.

As many of you may know, I am working on revamping my drafting instructions for bra making. This takes a really long time. I just completed phase one of new directions. Phase 2 starts next week. The plan is to release an online course to work with the new book. I’m not sure exactly how I will structure it, but I’m thinking I can offer a discount for the course if you get the book, or get a discount on the book if you buy the course.

My goal is to have the drafting completed by mid June. I am teaching a drafting class at the Bra Making Conference in June, so I have to have a working copy completed by then. Two months isn’t much time, so I have a lot to work on before then.

I would love to commit all my time to this but unfortunately I still have to run my online shop nearly full time. I just ordered more supplies and will be expanding my offerings for larger wholesale quantities. I have already put together a catalog for this, but I can’t release it until I update my website. The catalog looks nice! Its 58 pages right now and it might grow 2 more pages after my last edits are done.

On all other fronts, things are good. My daughter got into a gifted program for critical thinking and problem solving. I’m so proud of her. She also got switched to another class after a bully punched her and she defended herself with a pair of scissors. Not happy about the scissors part, but proud that she stood up for herself.

Now that the blog is updated I can get back to posting again. See you soon!

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