My Facebook was Hacked

I feel like this was heading my way. I’ve been researching solutions so I can organize my testing groups outside of Facebook, but I just wasn’t fast enough. I somehow got hacked.

I was forced into 2-factor authentication about a month ago and it seems to have made things less secure. I was able to download my FB data this morning and my husband scrolled through the data and showed a log in from Miami, then Orlando then Connecticut using the same cookie. The kicker? It was never authenticated with 2-factor.

I’m not sure what they posted, but whatever they posted, they managed to set up an advertisement and advertise it, spending $250. I got a notice that I posted inappropriate content and that my account has been disabled then immediately got charged $250. I have contested my suspension and disputed the charges, but I’m at a loss. I read about this happening to small businesses everywhere and it never getting resolved.

I had all sorts of plans today – film a new Patreon video, film a new YouTube video sharing all my exciting news. Instead this happened. I absolutely hate that my business is so intertwined with Facebook that this is causing me real problems. There are a lot of people who depend on me in my Facebook groups and I’m locked out of all of it.

I have 3 Facebook groups that are actively testing patterns, books and courses and I can’t communicate with any of them right now. I have the contact info for some of the group members, but not all of them. I have had testers reviewing a course I did and I had been waiting until I had the time to start reviewing the posts, but now I can’t review any of it and all the post have been removed.

I’m going to turn off the computer for the day and hope that the web fairies fix this by the time I open it back up.

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