Moving has commenced

Our moving adventure has already begun. On Wednesday the trailer was delivered, although not to where we ordered it. The big rig pulling the trailer made it about a quarter up our street when he had to stop because he was hitting the phone and power lines.

I just don’t understand why the phone and power company would put the lines so low. We had to reevaluate where the trailer would sit. The only solution – my store. He had to maneuver off our street and back down the mountain to park it across our parking spots at the store.

Thankfully my neighbors have been nice (to my face) about the trailer in back, but that was our only option.

I spent yesterday loading up all the boxes and inventory into the trailer then my husband came down to help me load up the industrial sewing machines and big furniture items.

I am somewhat enjoying packing the trailer. Its like a giant game of Tetris. Fitting smaller things into the small holes to keep things from moving. I have a lot of plastic storage bins that I store the merchandise in and unfortunately stacking those aren’t very stable, but I think I’ve made it work relatively well.

Today I pack the remaining small plastic boxes in my giant Ikea bags to complete the store move. Tomorrow we begin with the house.

This weekend will be interesting. We will be doing finishing touches on a room, cleaning it, setting it up staged, photographing it, then hauling our furniture down the mountain to pack up the rest of the trailer.

I had originally planned to have a fun filled day in Los Angeles (trim and notion shopping) on Monday with Emily, but if the loading of the truck isn’t done, I may have to forego the trip. Crossing my fingers everything is going to go smoothly this weekend.

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