Life moves on whether we are ready or not

Despite my rough week physically, I had a relatively great week business wise. I keep trying to look at things in a positive light. One thing wasn’t meant to be, so something better could come to fruition. I am going to concentrate on healing and building up my business. The rest will come as it comes.

Over the summer I looked into offering a Groupon to help people find out about my business. I was a little nervous about offering my services for “practically free,” but I knew I had to make some sacrifices in order to spread the word. I have been a little disappointed by how Groupon works. They don’t promote as they used to and I keep discovering new “fees” that they are tacking on. For a $45 class, they are selling it for $20 and I get $9.50. That buys me 2 gallons, almost 3 gallons of gas to get to work for 2-3 days.

I have sold 15 in a little over a month. Its not fabulous, but I’m scheduling classes now and only half of the registered students are coming from Groupon. What’s even better is that every person who has taken a class wants to take more. I was only hoping for a 25% return rate, but a 100% return rate is phenomenal. It proves that my vision has merit.

I am actually really excited that I’m receiving such a positive response to what I’m trying to achieve. I will look back on this time in 5 years and say to my husband “Remember when I had that idea about starting a school? Well look at it now!”

Update on revised patterns/instructions for the bra book: I have regraded size 34 and 36 already and have done all the revised illustrations for the book. Because it takes forever for me to do everything, I hope to get the revisions for the book done by the first and hopefully have the patterns done around that time as well. Providing there aren’t any other obstacles I would like to do a set of patterns for size 28, 42, 44 and 46. I tried doing them previously, but the shapes did not look right, so I never completed them.

I am still doing all 2 piece cups for the download, but I’ll be experimenting on a 3 or 4 piece cup draft over the next few months as I have time. Time…..I often wonder how I can get more of it……Maybe get a babysitter…..

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