Laurel Sports Bra

The Laurel Sports Bra is a unique style sports bra that caters to lift larger cup sizes without the “uniboob” look. The bra is supportive and the waistband shape lends to low pressure on the ribcage, ideal for someone who suffers from reflux. The support is all in the body of the bra and less in the band. The Laurel Sports bra can be worn as a daily wear bra without the feeling of being underdressed at work. This style features adjustable straps and a hook and eye back closure.

The Laurel Sports Bra pattern pieces are interchangeable with the Christina Sports Bra pattern pieces, meaning you can use the front of one with the back of the other, or interchange the waistband styles. 

The Laurel Sports Bra covers a total of 182 different sizes from a 28A through a 52N. Detailed instructions are provided for changing grades and elastic sizes. This pattern was designed to work with our 1 3/8″ waistband elastic coded E32B8S for both waistband and straps. 

Determining Your Pattern Size
This pattern was drafted based on the stretch of our amazing 1 3/8″ or 35mm plush strap/waistband elastic (E32B8S). To test whether your elastic matches the stretch that this pattern was designed for, place 2 pins on your elastic, exactly 5” or 12.5cm apart. Stretch the elastic to the fullest stretch, if you hit 10” or 25cm, your elastic matches mine. If you are using an elastic that is more restrictive of a stretch, with a stretch to 6 1/2” – 7 1/2” or 16cm – 19cm, add one band to the band measurement determined below by the chart.

Determine your recommended size by measuring your underbust and full bust. Round up to the next whole number. Note: my sizing generally places you in one band size smaller and one cup size larger than other brands, but I am consistend with my sizing on all my patterns.

Bra and Sports Bra Pattern Size Chart

Imperial Size Chart

Sports Bra Size28303234363840
Under Bust26-2728-2930-3132-3334-3536-3738-39
A Cup29313335373941
B Cup30323436384042
C Cup31333537394143
D Cup32343638404244
E Cup33353739414345
F Cup34363840424446
G Cup35373941434547
H Cup36384042444648
I Cup37394143454749
J Cup38404244464850
K Cup39414345474951
L Cup40424446485052
M Cup41434547495153
N Cup42444648505254

Sports Bra Size424446485052
Under Bust40-4142-4344-4546-4748-4950-51
A Cup434547495153
B Cup444648505254
C Cup454749515355
D Cup464850525456
E Cup474951535557
F Cup485052545658
G Cup495153555759
H Cup505254565860
I Cup515355575961
J Cup525456586062
K Cup535557596163
L Cup545658606264
M Cup555759616365
N Cup565860626466

Metric Size Chart

Sports Bra Size28303234363840
Under Bust66-7071-7576-8081-8586-9091-9596-100
A Cup74-7579-8084-8589-9094-9699-101104-106
B Cup76-7881-8386-8891-9397-98102-103107-108
C Cup79-8984-8589-9094-9699-101104-106109-111
D Cup81-8386-8891-9397-98102-103107-108112-115
E Cup84-8589-9094-9699-101104-106109-111114-116
F Cup86-8891-9397-98102-103107-108112-115117-120
G Cup89-9094-9699-101104-106109-111114-116119-121
H Cup91-9397-98102-103107-108112-115117-120122-125
I Cup94-9699-101104-106109-111114-116119-121124-126
J Cup97-98102-103107-108112-115117-120122-125127-130
K Cup99-101104-106109-111114-116119-121124-126130-131
L Cup102-103107-108112-113117-120122-125127-130132-135
M Cup104-106109-111114-116119-121124-126130-131135-136
N Cup107-110112-115117-120122-125127-130132-135137-140

Sports Bra Size424446485052
Under Bust101-105106-110111-115116-120121-125126-130
A Cup109-111114-116119-121124-126130-131135-136
B Cup112-115117-120122-125127-130132-135137-140
C Cup114-116119-121124-126130-131135-136140-141
D Cup117-120122-125127-130132-135137-140142-145
E Cup119-121124-126130-131135-136140-141145-146
F Cup122-125127-130132-135137-140142-145147-150
G Cup124-126130-131135-136140-141145-146150-151
H Cup127-130132-135137-140142-145147-150152-155
I Cup130-131135-136140-141145-146150-151155-156
J Cup132-135137-140142-145147-150152-155157-160
K Cup135-136140-141145-146150-151155-156160-161
L Cup137-140142-145147-150152-155157-160163-165
M Cup140-141145-146150-151155-156160-161166-167
N Cup142-145147-150152-155157-160163-165168-170

Supply List
Fashion Fabrics: spandex tricot, supplex spandex or similar athletic weight jerseys of 200-320 gsm (5-8 ounces). High spandex content over 20% can be used but may not be supportive for larger cup sizes. Scuba fabric can be used as it is very firm and very little stretch (I recommend going up one cup size if using scuba). 

Lining Fabrics: powermesh (120gsm). Wicking or absorbent fabrics such as bamboo and hemp jersey may serve nicely as a lining fabric.

If your fabric stretches in the length rather than the width, you will need 10″-15″ or 25cm-38cm additional in length, to account for pattern pieces that are cut on the fold.

SuppliesSize Range 28A-38NSize Range 34A-44NSize Range 40A-52N
Fashion Fabric18″ Length x 54″ Wide (45cm x 138cm)21″ Length x 54″ Wide (53cm x 138cm)25″ Length x 54″ Wide (64cm x 138cm)
Lining Fabric18″ Length x 54″ Wide (45cm x 138cm)18″ Length x 54″ Wide (45cm x 138cm)18″ Length x 54″ Wide (45cm x 138cm)
1/4″ (6/7mm) Plain Elastic3 yards/meters*3.5 yards/meters4 yards/meters
1 3/8″ (35mm) Waistband Elastic1 yard/meter1.5 yard/meter2 yard/meter
1 3/8″ (35mm) Strap Elastic1 yard/meter1 yard/meter1 yard/meter
5/8″ or 15mm Elastic1/2 yard/meter1/2 yard/meter1/2 yard/meter
3/4″ or 18/20mm Elastic1/2 yard/meter1/2 yard/meter1/2 yard/meter
Hook & Eye 1-1/2″ Wide1 pair1 pair1 pair
Slide Set to Match Strap1 set1 set1 set

*1 yard = .9 meters 

File Types
All files are zipped PDF files (Adobe 6). We have discovered that individuals running Windows Vista or older may not have a reader that is compatible with this file format. Upon request, we can save as an older version of Adobe 4 or 5. The layer function does not work in older versions of Adobe. 

File Sizes
Three to four paper sizes are included with each pattern size: Letter size, A4, A1 (22″x33″) and A0 (33″x46″). Not all patterns are in A0, as they fit on one A1 page. For all sizes 36 and up, the waistband and strap patterns are included on the A0 and A1 pages. For sizes smaller, the waistband and strap patterns need to be printed out separately.

Printed Pattern Options
If you would also like to have a printed pattern or printed instructions sent to you, select the checkboxes in addition to the pattern license. Even if you only want the paper pattern, you need to select the license type in addition to the paper pattern check box. The printed pattern is printed in large format and does not contain any color. The instructions are printed in color. Sizes 28-34 contain one large format page and sizes 36-52 contain two printed pages.

License and Use Agreement of this Pattern
We are now offering several different licensing options for our patterns. If you are a small business and do custom sewing, you can now use our small business licensed version and use this pattern up to 1000 times. If you are a mid-sized business and would like to use our design between 1001 and 5000 times, we have a version for that as well. With this license you can request additional file types including editable Illustrator files, DXF and PolyPattern file types. If you are a corporation and plan to use this design for over 5000 pieces, you will need to purchase the corporate license. You may also request additional file types after purchase.


The instructions are very thorough, but for more details, watch the videos for full construction details.



Here are the videos for the Laurel Sports Bra. There are slightly different construction techniques in the Christina Sports Bra. Feel free to watch both to determine which techniques you like best.