Laurel Sports Bra Pattern Release

Happy New Year to all. I have been busy, as always, working on new and exciting things. This new sports bra pattern is no exception. I made a new style with a few new features.

The Laurel Sports Bra is no different in fit than the Christina, in fact you can interchange the pattern pieces of the Laurel with the Christina, meaning you can use the back of one with the front of the other, or switch up the waistbands.

I made a couple small adjustments to the Christina waistline, so if you previously purchased this, just log into your account and redownload the pattern to get the pattern updates. These will be needed if you plan to interchange the pattern parts.

The Laurel Sports Bra features a fun criss-cross detail at the front waistband. The waistline of the sports bra is contoured up at the center front to better hold the breasts in place, plus it is helpful if you have issues with rib cage restriction.

I suffer from acid reflux, so tight waistbands under the bust are very uncomfortable for me. The waistband isn’t supposed to fit tight, so it lends itself comfort for people like me. The support is all in the body of the bra. The shaping of the princess seams gives you a little lift which is also helpful if your bust is completely deflated such as mine.

I am my own fit model, a 36J-38J depending on the holidays, so the sports bra was designed for supporting those large cups.

The back features a hook and eye closure with a heart shaped cut out in the back. The back is also scoop-necked and can have adjustable straps. The adjustable strap and hook and eye was added to this design by request. The instructions state how to remove the hook and eye portion and turn back into a straight band, but if you have the Christina, you can use the Christina back band as well.

The pattern for the straps have a fixed length marking on them, so the adjustable part is also optional.

As for the pattern itself, I have made some fun new changes to the download and options for a printed pattern. My range is extended up to an N cup now! As if I didn’t have enough sizes already! One of the girls that has been a big supporter of my business became an N cup and I wanted to make sure she was covered. This range is for you Ivy!

The patterns are now available in 4 paper sizes – Letter, A4, A1 (23×33) and A0 (33×46). Now it is easy to print in nearly any format. I also created layers on the pdfs, so you can turn off sizes you don’t want to print out and print just the pages that have your size on them.

I also have a printed pattern option for the Laurel and the Christina. I went back and updated the Christina pattern to have all the same features including adding metric measurements to the directions of both patterns. The Christina Sports Bra also has a new expanded range up to an N! I had to increase the price by a few bucks, but for all the hard work I did on these, I felt this was ok.

As a little thank you to all my fans, customers and friends, I am making all my other downloads and corresponding kits 25% off for the release of the Laurel Sports Bra. This discount is good until Sunday the 13th of January.

I created 4 new kits for the Laurel Sports Bra and even added a few more sizes of kits for the Christina. If you purchase one of the Christina kits for the Laurel, you will also need the Laurel Add-on kit. This is the difference in supplies that are needed for the Laurel.

Here are a few samples from some of my testers. They fit great. The white one is made of all cotton jersey (t-shirt fabric), so the pattern works for nearly any fabric. I picked a couple different angles so you can see all the different details. The green one is made of swim lycra and the others are made of scuba.


I did a series of YouTube videos just as all the other patterns. I will be releasing all of them over the next week, so they won’t all be available until next weekend. I need to do this with YouTube due to their algorithms.  Here is the first video. I will create another blog post next weekend that contain links to all the videos.

Until then, happy sewing and thanks for following.

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