Ivy Criss-Cross Overlay Bra Cup

The Eve Classic is the first bra of many that is a base pattern designed to be mixed and matched with new styles. The bands are designed to be selected by your under bust and over bust (chest) measurements. These bands are available in sizes 28 through 52. Each band is also available in 4 different upper torso shapings. All bands for regular wires fit all cups for regular wires. All bands for vertical wires fit all cups for vertical wires.

The cups are separated by wires, so one wire for a cup might have up to 14 different cup size options and 4 different upper torso shapes, really allowing one to customize their fit.

The cups designed for the regular wire are designed around a symmetrical breast and are best for sizes up to an F or G cup. While some people in larger cup sizes will fit this style well, some may discover that they need to move the apex and vertical seam over towards the center front of the bra. This is a relatively easy modification to make. I would recommend our vertical wired bands and cups for omega shaped breasts and breasts over a G cup. These may not yet be available, but will be shortly.

The first stage in making your own bra is to determine what wire size and style you wear. To determine this, I recommend conducting a wire trace of your breast root. Once you have traced your breast root, compare your wire trace up to our wire charts (available in each wire listing). Select your band by using the form on the band product page, then create a fitting band for your wire. Once you have confirmed that your band and wire are the best match for you, you should then proceed to the cup pattern.

The great thing about selecting your band by measurements, then selecting your wire is that you know your base will fit you. Once you know these two important parts, then you can order the cups by the wire size and follow the form below to help you select the cup size to start with.

In the charts below, note both the V Shape and the V Shape adjustment for your pattern instructions. They will help you adjust the pattern to make it even more custom to your body.

When determining the size to select for the band and cup, use the following charts. These calculators need to be filled out separately. They are the drop-in calculators used for the product listings. Follow the instructions for the pattern and the calculators.