Introducing the Soft Launch of the Christina Sports Bra

My sports bra pattern is finally done! This is a soft release as it still may have some pattern bugs I’m working out, but rest assured, any pattern bugs I correct, everyone will get a new set.

This pattern is the first of many to come your way. I have several designs in this series that can be mixed and matched. Each front can be alternated with the back of another and vice versa, which makes the designs very versatile. (And also why its so important I catch all the pattern bugs.)

The pattern is available in three different size sets, because who really needs 143 sizes for themselves? The are grouped in 28A-38K, 34A-44K and 40A-52K. If you are a small business and want all of them, you can purchase the full size set as well.

With the release of my new pattern, also comes the change of my terms of use for my patterns. In the past, I felt my hard work was mine for others to use, but not for others to grow their businesses with. As an ever evolving business and supporter of small businesses, I have decided I want to help the small business in growing their businesses.

I am now permitting my patterns to be used for small business purposes for designs produced up to 1000 pieces. For pattern use over 1000 times, I have a mid-sized business license and a corporate business license. The details are on the description pages of the new download. I will be updating the other patterns in time.

I never permit the redistribution of my pattern, but they can be used for personal, custom work and small business production use. For mid-sized business and corporate licenses, please contact us for other file options from AI/PDF to DXF to PolyPattern files.

  1. I absolutely LOVE this pattern! The band is so comfortable and unique, even for those of us with fuller tummy under the bust. Th cup size range is fantastic – I've never seen such a comfy, well fitting bra in this style in my size (38J). I made one for my sister, and I have one in the works for a friend and another for me! Thank you, Jennifer for such a well- drafted pattern.

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