In the works: The Laurel Sports Bra

Now that the pattern making book is almost ready to publish, I have decided to pick back up on some designing. My next pattern that I’m working on is called the Laurel Sports Bra. I am using the same grade rules as the Christina Sports Bra which will make it easy to interchange parts with the Laurel.

I completed my first draft of the Laurel. The front styleline goes into the neckline and the back has wider set straps. I also made the back for a hook and eye closure which will make it easier to take on and off for those of us large chested.

I have been wanting to experiment with a weaving pattern at the center front of the waistband. I couldn’t find my scraps of powermesh to do my lining, so I’ll finish up the sample another day, but I like the look so far. What do you think?

If this sample fits great, I will continue to create my pattern range of the 28A through the 52K. Hopefully this range won’t be too difficult since I mastered it once before.

I am also getting back to work on the illustration work I’ve been working on with a colleague and trying to carve out some time to work on more videos.

I started filming videos with my daughter to make her clothes. I made the Rachel Brief and Tank into a child size and am making her a bathing suit with the pattern. Maybe for once she will have a bathing suit that actually fits her torso.

I have a few more mounts for the video coming this way. I’m trying to do my set up so my husband doesn’t have to take off an entire day to do filming and then another day to do editing. Once we get our mounts on the ceiling it should make it easier to set up and make it more consistent for filming.

On the homefront, my daughter just finished her third day of kindergarten. I think she likes it. Her class has a color chart for behavior. Red being terrible behavior and White being perfect behavior. This is her third say of white and she is so proud. It sure beats those last few weeks of camp getting into fights and getting suspended. Yes, my 5 year old got suspended from camp. That was embarrassing. But she behaved well and Hanna took her over to my moms to go swimming. I think I will join suit and go for a swim. I deserve a little time with my monkey.

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