I think I should be on Day 35

Yeah, this experiment is failing miserably. I had a headache for the last 2 days and its finally gone, but now I have a sore throat. I sure hope I kick this in the next 2 days before my mini-vacation to the Bay Area.

I fixed 2 dying sports bras yesterday by replacing the elastic. Yay- a second chance at life. I stretched them out when I was pregnant and really just didn’t want to toss something that was fixable. I also made an adjustment to some new bras that the underwires were poking me in the back. Yeah- I said the wires were poking me in the back. Its a little ridiculous.

I know I have big ladies, but please- wires do not need to support my back anymore than they need to support my neck. I seam ripped the underwire channeling off about half way around the cup and reattached it where it should be. Now I just need to find a wire that will fit in it. I tried the 50, but it was a little short. I will try the 52 and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just cut down the wire I took out of it to fit.

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