I Share My Wisdom Unto You

The last 12 months have been a whirlwind but I’m finally finding my groove again. 12 months ago we were packing up our house, our store and preparing for the biggest change since our daughter was born.

I learned many things about moving cross-country with a family. I will now share my wisdom with you.

1. Downsize before you move, not after. 

We seriously could have saved about $20,000 had we done so. Starting a new life in a new city would have been a lot easier had we not dragged all our crap with us only to get rid of nearly everything once we settled in.

2. Don’t try to make unrealistic business goals in the first 8-9 months of transition. 

First of all, we hadn’t even secured our own living arrangements for the first 3 months. The second 3 months we spent getting rid of everything. So, I suppose I could have saved about 3 months had I learned #1 previously. The last 2-3 months of transition was seriously just playing catch-up.

3. Find a new routine as soon as possible. 

The routine will make all family members happier. I kept making excuses not to do this or that because this or that wasn’t finished (see #2). I finally got a routine down for Emily and myself for after school. Gym, swim and quality time. Unfortunately I didn’t get that routine until about 2 months ago.

David still needs to find his personal routine, but we are working hard to have total family time. David and I have even worked in a weekly Friday lunch and a bi-weekly Thursday afternoon movie date.

4. Keep reasonable household goals.

I actually learned this after buying our first house in California. We had so many wants for our house, that we started a million projects all at one and didn’t even complete them until we were a month from selling.

Our new house we have a very reasonable set of goals. We only buy the materials to complete one project at a time. This has proven to be successful so far. We do have 2 unfinished projects currently, but we aren’t starting anything new until those are finished.

Reflection and Moving Forward

We have officially been in Florida for 10 months. This has been a great year of reflection and now resolution. When I  closed my lingerie design business in 2009, I felt a bit lost. I truly loved designing, but after having my clothing shop I was just burned out.

I focused my career on education for several years. I wrote books, mentored students, even went as far as starting my own design school. I had focused on others because I didn’t know what I wanted to do for myself, you know, besides having a family.

I had a lightbulb moment about a week ago. I finally know where I want to be as a designer! I love designing, but I don’t love manufacturing and the hussle of having my own clothing business. I have officially decided to design patterns instead. I still get to have my creative freedom and if someone wants to have a piece of my creativity, they can download the pattern and make it for themselves.

I will be making a handful of kits to work with my designs, with everything you need to make it from the fabric to the trim. I know this is just a teaser, but I wanted to share this as soon as I came up with my plan. I am actively working on designs right now. I am starting with lingerie and athletic wear for adults and active wear for girls, but plan to expand to cover all my passions.

Subscribe to the blog to find out when my patterns and kits begin their release. I really am excited. My daughter is excited too. She even got in on the action. I started to teach her on her own machine.

  1. What great tips . I am planning a cross country move soon with our home based business included ..now I know I need to downsize massively first . Cute video of your little sewing

  2. Maybe you didn't know the stuff needed to be gone until you carried it all over, and when you did you realised you didn't need it. I moved countries (Brisbane to Auckland) for a year, and boy when I moved back I said I'd never move again. It's such a big undertaking and that's without a child or business. I love the new look for your business.

  3. We had hoped we would be purchasing a larger house which would have housed all of our stuff, but once we got here, we realized the market wasn't what we had expected and to get a house close to family we had to sacrifice the size. Plus our new house is mid-century modern and we decided to decorate it as such, which made our old furniture obsolete.

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