Happy New Year

It was my intention to work on 4 video tutorials in the last 7 days since my return, but my first day back, I got the flu. Yep, it was pretty terrible. Luckily we got into the doctors the second day in and got Tamiflu to help alleviate the symptoms. It still put me out of commission, but I could still function as a mom at least.

Work went on hold for a bit, but not entirely. I was able to sort through and package my last large shipment of inventory. We actually just finished last night (of course right before the last 2 boxes are slated to arrive).

This does include my newest invention: the vertical flat wire. I hopefully will be able to make it available next week, but I haven’t photographed it yet. That’s on today’s agenda (which was actually last Friday’s agenda).

Needless to say, everything I had planned to do this last week did not happen. Today begins my actual first day back from vacation, that is, if I can make it to work. We got over a foot of snow last night and my husband is out of town on business, so I will be the one shoveling a path to the street to get the car out. I kind of wish I could take a snow day today. Maybe tomorrow, but there are too many things to do today.

Below is a picture of my daughter working hard to help label my new products. She can be so helpful when she wants to be, but then again, you can’t expect too much from a 4 year old.

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