1. I really like your new website. The soft pink with lace background is lovely. Your new layout makes the site so easy for me to find what I am looking for. Lastly thank you for the bra sling and boy short panty tutorials. I'm looking forward to your next tutorial and larger cup bra pattern.

  2. The website is lovely and easy to navigate. I did notice however that some of the darker laces don't show up well in the pictures. Maybe they need to be photographed differently? Thanks for the chance to win a download. I had no idea your site offered such a wide array of supplies!

  3. Hi, Jennifer! Thank you for the opportunity. Hope you pick me 😀 Anyways, since I have been working for ages on my own website, here are some of my insights about yours. I think the color palette is absolutely beautiful! Nice shades of pinks, white and white lace! Font size looks good too.I would like however to point out some of the aspects I find more user friendly. Please do not consider these as criticism or mistakes. Maybe you designed the site with them in mind. So, here's my list:
    – hovering on some buttons, menus, social icons – it is a lot more user friendly to change the color; this way the user realizes there is link they can visit; I know the cursor changes its shape, but for some people this is not very intuitive;
    – on the desktop version of the site, imho when viewing a list of products, images are too little; yes, when hovering on the product you get a bigger one – but this means some effort from the user part; most of the users are lazy!
    – changing the view, from desktop to a small smartphone, tabs "New, Special, Featured" disappear. only the current tab's content is visible
    – also on a phone view: on top there are two buttons that sometime get on top of your logo;
    – and the last one, also on a phone view: when expanding the top menu, menu colors are grey – while your website is more of pink and white;

    I did not get the chance to test the functionality. But I can tell you from here: the wishlist is by far a great addition.


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