Juggling Business and Baby

Ok, so I guess I wasn’t really prepared for how much time a baby would take, but I’m getting the hang of it. Emily is going to be 6 weeks old on Wednesday. I go back to work at FIDM on Tuesday and have 2 classes in draping.

I’ve started getting serious about finding a space for my business. As much as I’d love to open a retail store front, I don’t think it’s practical, so I’m looking for an office space that can serve as a teaching studio and retail shop.

I’ve found a few locations right on the outskirts of the historic downtown Redlands that are much more affordable. I figure as my business grows, I can upgrade to larger spaces.

Today, after scouting out spaces and urban hiking with my baby, we came home and started to make space for me to be creative. Our downstairs area/walkout basement has been basically a large storage area for my stuff and other random things.

We cleaned up the space and moved things around, so tomorrow I will be setting up and organizing the space. I hope to start my next lingerie book within a week or so. I guess I’ll just need to figure out juggling the baby and my creative self.

I’ll keep you updated on how the juggling goes.

  1. Reading this months later- I did none of the creative things I talked about including starting that book. LOL.

    But I did find a retail space with a large teaching studio in the back. Over 1600 square feet too! Just not in the historic neighborhood.

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