Experimenting with new directions

I can’t tell you how many samples I made of the bras as I was developing the book. I had them coming out of my ears and had nightmares about them. And I’m still making them.

I wrote the book before having children and the directions worked and supposedly supported. Now nearly two years later I am realizing my directions and patterns aren’t great for the saggy boob. I am developing a set of slightly altered directions which should give a little more support for the ladies who need it.

I’ll beta test the directions here next week after I do a few samples for myself. I would love to get feedback on the changes. If they work a little better, I’ll work on updating the book for a second edition as well as updated patterns. Grading some 100 patterns take time, so don’t expect them to be done overnight.

I would also like to open up the conversation if there are any other changes I need to make to the book or sections to add.

I have a quick measurement comment about finding your correct bra size for sagging breasts. When measuring the bust diameter, it should actually be done au natural, sagging and all. Stand in front of the mirror, measure from the center where you start seeing the bust sag and measure straight across the chest until you reach the point on the other side where the breast starts to sag. That measurement on me matches the bra size I wear currently. I thought it was going to be difficult to figure out measurements for women post baby, but this worked on me. Does it work for you?

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

  1. Maybe I am brain dead because I have been sewing all day, but I don't get it — the measurement part that is. I am not going to ask you for a picture :p, but can you maybe draw something that shows exactly how to measure?

    On another note, I made the three piece bra in the 34H with a woven fabric for the bottom two pieces of the cup. The strap placement was too far over to my shoulder. So unfortunately, while it was really pretty with the Porcelynne purple I used, it didn't fit. I am trying again. I adjusted the strap placement over about an inch. I also tweaked the pattern because there was a lot of extra fabric around the apex. And just to mix it up a bit, I am using all stretch fabric this time. I had to take a break, but I'll let you know how it works when I am done.

  2. The new draft I'm doing already seems to be fitting better, I'm just making one last alteration and trying again. I'm pretty sure I have it this time. Take a break and wait until I demo the new draft next week. I'm going to try to get a break from Emily so I can do a whole day of demos on Monday.

    I will do one of my chicken scratch drawings or maybe if I have a glass of wine tonight I can do it on illustrator tonight.

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