Downsizing and Reorganizing

The last 4 months have been trying, stressful and exciting. We closed our Southern California chapter and started our new Florida chapter. In the process of this adventure, I have learned several things.

1. Moving with a family is complicated and exhausting
2. Trying to meal plan in a hotel room or a vacation rental is near impossible
3. Basic TV sucks, I truly missed my OnDemand and recorded programming. We had no idea what was going on in the world for 3 months.
4. Trying to keep your business goals intact while making a huge transition is not practical.
5. What you think you can do in a week, actually takes 8 weeks to complete.
6. Breaking your promises happen. Sorry- this is in regards to my video tutorials. I really, honest to goodness, wanted to press on, but I just couldn’t.
7. Moving with stuff sucks even more. I strongly suggest if you ever do what I did, just sell everything you own and get new (and used) when you land in your destination.

My expectations of myself have also changed. I am not able to work in chaos. A room full of stuff that doesn’t have a place will make me leave that room rather than find places for said stuff. I made so many promises in regards to my video goals, book goals and inventory goals, that I know I have let people down. It kills me, but I can’t even begin to pick back up on my goals until the boxes in my workshop are no longer in the room.

For a bit of prospective, I used to own a 2300 square foot store and workshop and had a 2300 square foot house. Our new house, which I am now working out of, is 1800 square feet. Ouch. I have no place for my stuff, mainly inventory items that take up space. Because of this, I have decided to discontinue carrying several items and am having a fire sale on it all.

More updates and videos coming soon. I promise.

  1. Jennifer, please please don't feel like you've let us down! Your placing completely unrealistic expectations on yourself 🙂 Just keeping the business going whilst moving states is an accomplishment in its self. Having to wait a while for more videos just makes it more exciting, like waiting for Christmas! 🙂

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