Digital Download Annual Sale

Enjoy a 25% discount on our digital downloads on our website at Porcelynne.

I am presently sitting at my in-laws guest house drinking coffee and watching my daughter play a game of solitaire on her 7th birthday. Seven years. I still can’t believe it. We arrived in here last night after a total of an 18 hour commute from our home in Florida. It certainly was a long day.

I have been working tirelessly on getting my Eve for Vertical Wires completed prior to leaving for this little trip so I could offer it as a soft release. I like to do soft releases so I can hash out all the bugs and glitches before I really start promoting it. I plan to do that once we get back from California.

Whenever we make this long trip to California, I like to offer a little promotion in my shop for digital downloads, to help us pay for this expensive little trip. This time is no different. I made announcements on Tuesday to my testing group and the support group for my book, but ran completely out of time to announce it officially.

So, here it is, I am officially announcing my digital download sale. All digital downloads (excluding the bundled size packages) are 25% off until we return on Tuesday the 10th. The soft launch of the Eve for Vertical is at 50% off for those of you who want to try it out at this discount (videos will come out next week after the sale).

This sale includes: Bare Essentials: Bras & Underwear, Pattern Design: Fundamentals, Fashion Unraveled and Adventures in Wholesale on the book end of things. On the pattern side, this sale includes the Christina & Laurel Sports Bras, Rachel Brief and Tank, the Tankini, Eve for Regular Wires and the kid’s Rachel patterns.

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