Delays, always delays

I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch and finished my sew along. I dropped my (brand new) personal computer and haven’t been able to work on finalizing my patterns. The one time I don’t buy insurance is the time I actually need it. That will teach me!

I have also been completely swamped with work. I have been a bit overwhelmed with work these days. I’m actually looking for a fashion design instructor to take over teaching for me to let me write the actual lesson plans and finish my book. I am also looking for a seamstress to help take my business to the production level I need.

Its always something, right? I’m going to try to work with the Workforce Development Department to see if they can help me get the employees I need. There are some great programs I’m learning about through them, so cross your fingers I find the people I need.

I’ve only been in my current space for about 4 months, but I’m already looking to expand and get a second space where I can move my development and production business. I’m just trying to be cautious and expand as I see fit. I’m still a little overwhelmed that I have 2 employees and am looking for 2 more. My greatest fear is not being able to make the rent and payroll. I just have to think positively and know I will succeed.

Anyway, I am very busy working on finalizing my patterns for the 3 piece cup. I’ve also decided that I’ll be selling each size separately for $1. It was just getting really complicated for me to compile the files. I am also going to be starting with a smaller range, not including the AAA, AA and on some the K and L. I will add these as I can, but I need to modify my band patterns even more to accommodate the larger and smaller sizes. I will take requests for additional sizes once my full range is published and available for download.

Other than that, on a personal note, Emily just moved into a big girl bed and is taking stairs completely on her own. Potty training is up next. Oh what fun that will be.

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