Days 41, 40 and 39

Trying to write something daily is virtually impossible for me. I really just lack the time. Between being a mom and running a business, I barely have time to brush my hair, let alone take 30 minutes from my day to write or do something creative. But I am trying!

Emily had a Mother’s Day/Father’s Day performance with her class on Friday. It was her first performance. She was super cute. She was in the Farmer and the Dell skit and was the dog. I had to make her the brown pants for her costume because they don’t sell brown pants this time of the year.

Once she was on stage, I noticed she was also wearing the scrap skirt I made for her (which was not part of the costume). I think she just loves that I made her stuff and wanted to show it off. I wore my scrap skirt yesterday too, so she was even more excited that we were matching.

I had planned to take the last few hours of Friday to do some stuff for myself, but we got our big shipment from China so that became my focus for the day. This weekend I may try to get back to reupholstering my round chair. Its just been sitting downstairs for almost 3 years wanting me to work on it. Perhaps this is the weekend it will happen.

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