Countdown to my final day in California

I still don’t think that this whole move has really hit reality for any of us. We spent yesterday morning staging each room, photographing each room, then removing the furniture and putting it on our U-haul to get it to our moving trailer. We aren’t taking all our furniture, but the furniture we are taking is fairly bulky.

We have probably one last trip to fill up the moving trailer, then anything remaining will have to be hauled behind our cars. It is a little overwhelming with what we have left to fit in, but I’m confident we can do it. I’m glad we had to option to use as much of the trailer as we needed and not just the 13 feet I had originally reserved. We will be using the whole 25 feet.

We got to see a bear the last 2 days, and as I was writing this, I heard some rustling outside and saw the bear again just now. I haven’t seen bears up here in about 3 years, so this has been a real treat to see them 3 days in a row. Emily spotted the bear on Saturday. She was playing outside and the bear was in the neighbors yard. I feel like the bear is saying to us “Have a great new adventure, but look at me first.”

The cats are completely freaking out. They don’t understand whats happening. Sasha has moved several times, so she slightly understands but Brian was born up here and came to us when he was about 2 months old, so he only knows this house. I’m most afraid he will try to escape the car on our drive cross country.

Our drive will be a little adventure. I will be taking the Rogue with Emily, Hanna (our not daughter-daughter), and the two cats on a 5 day drive to Florida. I expect some crankiness will ensue with all the ladies in the car. David wants to stay behind to finish up some projects and to pack up all his tools. Hopefully he will be along shortly after.

Today is Monday and Saturday is our moving day. Only 5 days left in California.

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