Pattern Release: Girls Little Rachel Brief

I technically released this pattern when I released the Little Rachel Tank, but I wanted to make a separate post about the Little Rachel Brief after the videos were released.

I designed both the Little Rachels to be like the women’s patterns. The main difference with the brief is the height of the brief. My daughter didn’t like it coming up so high, so I hacked off an inch and a half on the final pattern.

These videos are less about how to make them and more about how to teach a 5 year old to make her own bathing suit.

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Rachel Brief Pattern and Video Release

New pattern and videos! Introducing the Rachel Brief.

I designed the Rachel Brief as a panty to go with the Rachel Tank. I created three different kits for the brief. The Rachel Brief is a high waisted panty with a contrast panel on the front and comes in sizes from XS through 3X. I also did a kids version, but that isn’t live on my website yet. I’ll make sure to announce that when it is. I filmed sewing videos of those with my daughter, but I’m not sure how they will turn out. Stay tuned for those.

Below are the videos for the Rachel Brief. Leave me a comment or feedback on them.

In other news, my daughter started Kindergarten yesterday. She is getting so big so fast. She started a public Montessori program. The school is about 5 times larger than the school she previously went to, so I’m a little discombobulated about it.

Here she is pretending to be a chipmunk with food in her cheeks. She is just so darn cute. 

Here in Florida they changed how our schools work in regards to campus safety. We have armed safety officers on campus now and all visitors must be chaperoned around school. I do admit having a gun on campus makes me nervous. I believe they start the run and hide gun drills next week. When I was in grade school all we had were tornado drills, which I remember scared the crap out of me. Who knows how the kids will respond to the gun drills. I fear it will cause nightmares.

This is an interesting world we are living in now. I think home school is on the agenda for middle and high school.