Big Fabric and Trim Sale Saturday, January 26th

I have been slowly selling through the excess inventory I hauled across the United States to my new home in Florida. The last year and a half I have decided to take my business in different directions all at once.

I have made a few resolutions – I will turn the focus of my business to my pattern making and writing. I plan to keep selling the lingerie supplies, but I want to focus on selling the items I can keep in stock and re-order (allowing for a dependable resource for my wholesale customers). This means that all those fun decorative laces and trims need to go.

On Saturday, January 26th from 7am to 2pm, I hope to sell most of what you see here.

I will be pricing my partial rolls of vintage laces and trims, picot, ruffle, fold over, strap, plain and waistband elastics from $1 to $10 each. Full rolls will be from $5 to $30.

I have some newer waistband elastics that will be available for $75 each roll. These have 100 yards on them and I have black, white and cream. This will not happen again!

Sorry for the side ways pics, I’m hoping once I get the blog moved back over to WordPress, I can go back and fix these. All these vintage lace pieces will be $1 each.

All my grommet packages will be $1 each.

These two large bins contain miscellaneous hooks and eyes and bra straps. Single pairs are 25 cents each, packages of 5 are $1 and packages of 25 are $5.

The red and mint hooks and eyes are 50 cents each, packages of 5 are $2, packages of 25 are $10 and packages of 100 are $35.

Spiral boning coils will be $10 each and tips will be $3 each package. I have some lacing bones left as well that will be $1 each.

Score some thread for $1 each.

I have a bunch of store display stuff left too. I have a full length mirror with stand for $40, jewelry displays $5-8 each. I have two lingerie butt forms for $20 each. Clip wood hangers 3 for $1. Fabric storage bins $2 each. Tags for tagging gun $6. Vintage look hang tags $20. Shipping bags $5-8 per 100 bags.

I have a virtually new gravity iron for $75.

A variety of singer sewing machine feet $10 each.

Automatic cutting machine for trims, elastics, tubing, etc. for $300 obo.

I have this industrial fabric stack cutter for $150.

I didn’t photograph these, but I have excess stock of red underwire casing 1 yard for $1, 5 yards for $4 and 25 yards for $20. How about some older stock of underwires (these are my thinner ones and not all sizes are available – see the website for anything not labeled as “heavy gauge.”) The older stock underwires will be 50 cents each, 2 pairs for $1, 10 pairs for $5 and 25 pairs for $12.50.

I will also be selling through my old product line of lingerie 2 for $5. 

Most fabrics are in pre-cut pieces for $1-5. I have some fabric rolls $1-4 a yard, including tricot, lace and vinyl. Lace and trim grab bags for $4 each or 3 for $10. Scrap bags $1 for small bags and $5 for large bags. Zippers 10 for $1 and separating zippers 2 for $1.

There is literally more I’m finding every day for this sale, so it would be worth the road trip. If you decide to fly in to shop, I can help by giving you boxes for your stuff and get it off to UPS or the post office to transport it home too. (extra shipping charges will apply). 

If you do come in from out of town, schedule an appointment with me for after the sale and you can stock up on my non sale items too. 

I cannot hold any items for you, except maybe the large expensive items with pre-payment. Here are some pictures from my last sale in November. I will definitely have about twice as many things I’ll be selling.