New Bra Sloper Drafting Course

I have been working on my bra sloper drafting course for a few months now and I’m happy to say it is finally done and officially released today. To begin with, let me explain what a sloper is and how you can make one for yourself.

A sloper, by definition, is a block pattern that you create other designs from. In the third edition of my bra drafting book, Bare Essentials: Bras, I introduced a new type of sloper and a new method to manipulate it.

When I released my book, I had envisioned a pattern that would fit nearly everyone (unfortunately not everyone). That pattern became my Eve Classic. Over the past year, I released the Eve Classic in phases and for specific wires and cup shapes. This week I announced my official release of this pattern and am offering the pattern for 50% off for an entire month.

This week I also released a FREE Eve Sloper Creation Class to turn your Eve Classic into a sloper. This is nearly the same method you create your sloper from in my book, but this class has been adjust for a finished pattern, even a different pattern with similar style lines.

Today I announced the official release of my Complete Bra Sloper Drafting Course. This, I’m afraid, is not a free course, but I am offering one of the classes for free as a demonstration of what the full course is about.

Enjoy all my released this week and please share with others who might be interested.

The Eve Classic Bra for the Regular Wire

This is a project I’ve been working on since around March. These patterns were being developed during the development of the third edition of Bare Essentials: Bras. The Eve Classic for Regular wires are designed for symmetrical shaped breasts up to about a G cup. For individuals who are more omega shaped, I recommend waiting until the vertical wired cups are available. Here are the links for the Eve Bra Band Pattern and Eve Bra Cup Pattern.

I wanted to create something to shake up the bra making world and I think this was a success. I wanted the ability for someone to make their bra based on their wire size and not the traditional A, B, C cup sizing.

After many tests, I came up with this sizing system. The cups are available in 20 sizes – 1 through 20. I did this to stop people from buying and making their “normal” bra size. The size selection is a little more complicated. It is based on the drafting method I created, so its mathematical based in nature, but don’t worry, I don’t make you do the math. I don’t even tell you how to do it. All you have to do is plug in your measurements into the band and cup calculators and voila, your recommended size is calculated.

The great thing about this, is that the cups and bands are modular and are sold separately. You select you band size based on your measurements, then you select the band by your wire size. For the cups, you buy the cups based on your wire size. The awesome thing is that every wire size set has between 9 and 14 cup sizes to make it easy to go up or down a size without having to modify anything else in the pattern.

Like I said, I like to shake things up and change the way people think. I recommend making a fitting band to test the band and wire fit first, then once you have determined that works, you then test the cup. This is an example of a test fit with the Eve using a suspender clip for the cup.

I created a full set of tutorial videos for the Eve on YouTube, including how to make a fitting band, so be sure to check those out too.

Here is a little food for thought, if you like the fit of the Eve, there is nothing to keep you from taking the Eve and turning it into a sloper to then manipulated per the sloper instruction in the book or online course. Think of this as a cheat way into drafting without doing the basic drafting.

I have created a single reference page that includes the calculators, the instructions and all the videos. Here is that page: Eve Classic Bra Pattern Tutorials