Busy Busy Busy

I have had quite a busy few weeks. I have finally created a draft I am happy with. I have been working on all the illustrations and new directions for the download (for current book readers). I have to test at least 2 different sizes to make sure the shapes and grading directions remain the same. This is where I might encounter a few hurdles.

I think I have some tiny alterations to make on the grading instructions, but my eyes started to cross after testing them for about 3 hours yesterday. It made sense when I wrote them, but once I put them into practice, I confused myself.

For the book, I drafted these patterns in Adobe Illustrator and had one confusing of a time grading them (also in Illustrator). I found a couple tricks to make grading easier in Illustrator, so I will try to do up a little tutorial on how to grade in Illustrator (which I’m sure you can also translate into other pattern drafting software).

As for the shop and everything else, its doing well. I have a Groupon for introductory classes, which I hope will bring in a few students, although Groupon has changed how they promote their offers. They no longer send out dedicated emails for offers, so basically I worked with them for over 2 months to have an offer sitting on the 12th page of a search in Groupon for things “near” Redlands.

The online classes are on a temporary hold – due to lack of time by my husband (my film crew). I’m working on bringing a few partners, but I’ve only had a few people express interest. I guess people aren’t really sure what a co-op is in the Inland Empire. I guess its time for me to educate!

Emily is crawling all over the place, so its getting harder for me to take her to the store to “contain” her to my child containment area. She’s been spending more and more days at the house with David so she can explore the whole house.

On another note- I am getting the shop a plotter printer! That means I can print out patterns for kits and for doing custom bras. Yeah- you heard it. I’m developing a set of patterns to do custom bras and bra fittings. Its going to take forever and a day to create a full range of fit samples for people to try, but I think I can do it. (Only 150 bras to make!) Maybe its time to train a small army of sewers. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I could have my own bonafide lingerie sewing factory in the middle of the Inland Empire.

Reality check- thats a fabulous idea, but I don’t see that happening in the near future.

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