Bringing my Bear Back to Life

I have this awesome big stuffed bear. I’ve had him my whole life. He has traveled to NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and now resides with me out in the mountains. I’ve loved this bear. I used to dress him in my clothes as a kid.

I played with him so much that he starting falling apart when I was about 10. That’s when I started fixing him. I stitched up all his holes over the years with all sorts of colored thread. I even resorted to gluing the stitches together when the thread didn’t hold.

He has been through so much with me, and now its my daughter’s turn to be his friend. She has been wanting to play with him, but he sprung another hole recently and had to do a quick fix with duct tape.

My my daughter’s 4th birthday, I decided I wanted to fix him. I took him all apart, re-sewed him and restuffed him. They are kind of long videos except for the last one and I didn’t have a good angle on the camera, so you can’t see everything, but I published it anyway. My daughter is fascinated in watching my videos of making things for her.

Happy birthday my baby girl!

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