Sewing Videos – California Dreaming Bra

Happy Black Friday everyone! I spent most of Tuesday filming this video set and finally finished editing it down this morning. This series features my lovely daughter as a contributor and as a distraction. Its appropriate since we spend the holidays with family.

The sewing tutorial can be used for many bra patterns. This specific set is my new pattern release called California Dreaming. The size range is for 32F through 44J. I might be able to add a 46 range once I receive my new wires, but currently there aren’t vertical wires for that range.

Here is your shopping list:

Cup and front band fabric – nonstretch preferred, you can use bra lining fabric or a stable fusible tricot or woven to help stablilize it.

Back band fabric – powermesh or lycra. If it doesn’t stretch much, cut your band a little longer and adjust for fit before finishing the bra. If it stretches a lot, make sure to check fit before making your finishing touches.

Seam Tape – I use “Seams Great”, but you could also use strips of soft tricot cut at 1/2″ wide.

Wire – designed for verticals. This bra design is really for more projection and the vertical wires work better for that. I’ll be posting modifications for using a regular wire or my coming soon flat wires.

Waist band strapping – about 1 yard needed. I use a 3/4″ plush strap elastic for this.

Elastic for neckline – about 1/2 yard needed. I use foldover elastic for this.

Elastic for back neck/band – about a yard needed. I use a 3/8″ plush strap elastic for this.

Hook & Eye Closure – 3 row

Straps – You need about 1 1/2 yards of strap elastic. I use 1″ and cut them at 24″ long each so I can adjust the fit as needed.

Hardware – I used matching 1″ rings and slides.

You can play around with the supplies for construction, but these are what I used. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

  1. Jennifer, I enjoyed the videos and your daughter is adorable. I understood most everything; but, do you have any written instructions on how the cup pieces actually go together? I was a little confused on that. This is my first time making a bra, and I need a little extra instructions due to my inexperience and the fact that the cup is in 4 pieces rather than the classic 2 or 3 pieces. Thanks so much.

  2. I'm sorry I didn't back to you sooner. I'm sorry. I've been in transition between moving and closing my store and I just saw this. I don't have extra written directions for the 5 piece cup. There are notches marked on the edge of the pattern for lining up and matching each seam.

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