Bra book update now available

I have been pretty sick the last few days so I have taken advantage of all the couch time to make the changes to the book. I haven’t updated the ebook or physical book completely, but you can download this file. This incorporates all the major changes I have found that needed to be addressed.

If, in your own work, you have discovered other changes that you would recommend, please email me and let me know so I can review them and get those changes taken care of.

I am still working on the patterns. They take forever to do and I think I found another issue with the one I was grading, but thats because I didn’t use the correct file. Ahh!

Anyway, I really hope this sore throat goes away soon. It is driving me mad!

BTW- Emily started something really cute today. Well, maybe not cute, but I found it interesting. She spends most of her day crawling around playing with things on the floor. On 4 separate occasions, she has crawled up to me, cried, and when I picked her up, realized she was telling me her diaper needed changing. Too bad she doesn’t do that do David who is sitting across the room from me. And if she is, he must be ignoring her.

  1. Hello, I have your book for a couple of years now (1st edition) and was about to start drafting when I found that there was something wrong in grading. I tried to download the right chart but there is no file in the link… Can you please tell me the link. And also I wanted to know if the patterns at the end of the book are right or how should I choose the right size. Sorry but I didn't quite understand how this wrong wire chart affects the rest of the book and I want to make sure I do the right thing when I start 😉 Thank you very much

  2. I just updated the link. Sorry about that. We moved our blog over last year and some links are broken. As for the grading. I did not make a mistake in the grading in the first book. I changed the order of grading and drafting to make it easier to understand and follow. I also took a different approach for some steps. My recommendation is to download the patterns from the new book. They are free to download and are updated for the second edition. Follow the fitting directions in the first or second edition in the first chapter to determine your size.

    The wire charts affect your draft, as the drafts are based on wire size, so make sure you update the wire chart with the updated link. If I'm missing any other link in my posts, please let me know as well.

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