Bending Underwires to Fit the Body

There are times in which you have done the wire trace of your breast root, but when wearing the fitting band, the wire tilts back and digs into your rib cage. This is usually caused by body frames that are more rounded and the wire does not do what you want it to do.

In this case, you may need to bend your wire to fit your body shape better. I did a little video explaining this.

On a quest to determine why the wires were not allowing the bra to fit properly despite her custom draft, Bare Essentials drafter Grace Horne decided to do a plaster cast of her rib cage to show how the wire needs to be shaped to fit her.

The first test is to cut the bridge front with wire out of cardboard and line it up to your body. If the cardboard cutout does something really weird at the side of the breast, you may need to bend your underwires.

These videos were shared by Grace to show her challenges. (Ignore the black box below. WordPress is doing something really strange).

To follow Grace’s work, you can find her at
grace_horne_designs on Instagram and Grace Horne – Knife and Scissor Maker on Facebook.

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