Altering a pattern for a different wire style

I did it! I did my first video in our new home. I only had to film it 3 times. The first time, I completely screwed up and altered the wrong pattern pieces and was adamant about it. The second time my daughter was helping me. I actually got some usable footage from it, but then went on a tangent and filmed bad directions. The third time was actually a composition of 3 filmings because I kept messing up! I cut the clips and put them together. I think only one place jumps a bit, but I really, seriously, had to cut the bit out in between.

I just started using Premier Pro and I really don’t know my way around it yet, so the editing will get better eventually. I have new camera mounts arriving today, so the camera angle will be changing too.

This video shows how to alter a pattern for the vertical flat wire. Well, technically the video shows changing the California Dreaming Bra pattern from a vertical wire to a vertical flat wire. What I have discovered is that my naming of the vertical flat wires was off by one size. I can’t change it after the fact, so if you fit a vertical wire and want to try a vertical flat wire, go up one number in the vertical flat.

Now that I have explained my madness, here is the tutorial. Enjoy Emily’s little cameo appearance.

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