Animals on my Feet

Now that my shop is finally in a groove and I can let go of some responsibilities by having employees, I’ve been working on some personal crafty and fix-it projects. Today I repaired my giraffe slippers.

These are my giraffes. I have worn holes in the bottoms and the darn necks don’t stay up.

The bottoms are pretty bad as shown.

First thing I did was remove the bottoms of the slippers with my handy new electric seam ripper.

I used some left over foam from recovering my dining room chairs for the new bottoms. The bottom insides I used some fuzzy faux fur type stuff. I used some upholstery fabric for the absolute bottoms. I’m actually using the underside for the bottoms since it has more texture to grip the ground.

Before I started sewing, I added more stuffing to the neck of the giraffe so it would stand up. I first sewed the fuzzy part on the bottom using my awesome industrial sewing machine. I doubt a regular machine would work on this. Then I placed the foam on the bottoms and then the upholstery bottoms. I would have used the little bands around the foam, but one side was torn up pretty bad. I pinned it all together around the edges and sewed it again.

Voila! Fixed slippers in under an hour. I guess I can now pull out the other slippers sitting in the back of my closet that need repair.

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