And the New Chapter Begins

I have officially closed my brick and mortar shop. I’m actually quite relieved. It has been more headache than it has been reward. The one thing I have learned through the process of having my second store is that I really don’t want to do it again.

I don’t like the commitment it takes to be open and to deal with customers face to face. It severely hinders my ability to do what I really love to do, which is design and teach.

Another positive thing I learned out of this is how to properly handle inventory control and shipping processes. My online business has grown significantly from the corner of my closet 7 years ago to now require about a 400 square foot storage space to house it all. I am looking forward to designing my ideal work space and storage space for my order fulfillment once we find our next home.

I am now placing all my focus on the house. I’ve been packing up the house while packing up the store. I’ve had to get a few missing furniture pieces to help stage the house at the same time of finishing renovations. Its loads of fun.

I’m not sure when the next chapter will begin, but the old chapter is closed. Our next steps will be to sell our house, move across the country and get settled in our new home. Its fun, but also stressful.

On another note, David and I are lucky enough to be traveling to Croatia and Bosnia at the end of the month for a work trip for David. I’m excited to see sights that are my store.

Here is a picture of my baby girl standing in front our mess of a store from a week ago.

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