Hurricane Season – So much for unpacking

As I was trucking along, getting our house unpacked, we had to suddenly stop doing everything to prepare for Hurricane Irma. We boarded our windows and doors, took down or secured everything in our yard in the days before, then on Sunday, we lost power at the beginning of the storm.

And then the storm got bad, then the county of Pinellas lost 90% of all power. Not to mention the rest of the state. I’m not sure what the total count was but I think it was something like 3.5 million people were left with no power and food rotting in their fridge.

This also means that 3.5 – 5 million people have not been able to shower or clean themselves. Lets just say we stink. I have taken a couple cold showers, but I’ve limited it to one every other day because the water treatment plants are also without power.

I will never take electricity for granted again. We bought a generator off someone who didn’t lose power yesterday, but can’t really run it much because of the noise and fumes. I’ve been able to work and process orders with the help of a battery backup and my cell phone hot spot.

Duke Energy, our power company, has stated that we (Pinellas county) will have power by Friday at midnight. I am looking forward to that, although there are still downed power lines in our neighborhood. I’m crossing my fingers. In the days since our power went out, I have taken advantage of the discounts being offered at the different entertainment venues. Here is a picture from our venture to the aquarium by the lemurs and turtles.

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