38 Days Until I’m 40

I have had a pretty busy weekend, but I am feeling quite accomplished. I finally sat down to work on my pattern book. Anywho, it actually motivated me to work on the second edition update of my bra book. And I mean I was motivated. I completely rewrote the last 3 chapters of the book.

Why the last 3 chapters you ask? They are the grading chapters and I have been working tirelessly on bra grading for a client, so I have perfected my directions and wanted to tackle those first. I still need to add the computer grading directions from my software, but that shouldn’t take too long.

I still want to work on some other rewrites in the book, mainly the cup drafting and the introduction chapter, but the rest will remain the same. I am glad I finally sat down to do it. I have really been dreading working on my books for a really long time. I really have no idea why I have been dreading it, but I have. It wasn’t that bad to get back into, so I’m hoping this is just the beginning of me writing again.

Perhaps this writing/creative challenge I have given myself is helping me out. I guess its kind of like exercise, you dread it until you actually start doing it, then its cake. Hmmm, speaking of cake, I would really like a slice. Maybe the corner store has some. I’ll go investigate.

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